Telling a Better Story

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Great stories aren’t just told, they are experienced. At the heart of all litigation is a message. That message, when told well, becomes an easily followed road map to a story. When told with the assistance of Visual Law, it becomes unforgettable. Our unique style, resources and expertise can transform any litigation, whether it is trial, mediation, settlement conference, arbitration or hearing, into a more meaningful and most memorable experience.

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What We Do

Visual Law provides a variety of litigation support services including graphics, animations, demonstratives, video settlement documentary brochures, medical illustrations and in-trial support. Our team is comprised of creative visual media professionals who, by utilizing the most cutting edge software and technology, create innovative and easy to understand stories and presentations.

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Forensic Arts & Animation

Under the direction of a former trial attorney, the artists and technicians within our Forensic Arts & Animation division have produced demonstrative presentations for some of the country’s most successful litigators equating to millions of dollars in recovery for plaintiffs, or greatly minimizing risks for the defense. We specialize in 3D Animation, Video Compositing and Interactive Presentations.

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Trial Presentation

Visual Law is a legal visual presentation and trial technology consultancy firm. We are experts in bringing together technologies such as video, audio, computer animation, text, graphics, physical objects, and image wizardry – in an integrated fashion – into the courtroom, to enable you to better tell a story to a jury and judge.

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Our Process

Our Visual Law offerings and capabilities are focused on addressing your needs and those of your clients.  They include:

• Visual Communications Strategy
• ADR, Hearing, Settlement Conference, and In-Trial Support
• Presentation Preparation

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Get In Touch

Visual Law Group
Silicon Valley Headquarters

96 North Third Street Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95112
Telephone: 408-404-5000

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